Will Trump’s State of the Union Help Push Energy Infrastructure?

The president’s call for public/private partnerships in his State of the Union address Tuesday is encouraging energy companies. American Petroleum President Jack N. Gerard says “Private investment in U.S. energy infrastructure is a more than $1-trillion proposition and could support more than 1 million jobs a year through 2035.”

Gerard says a new study in New England indicates there’s a greater than 80% chance of rolling blackouts in the near future due to the lack of pipeline capacity to get gas to everyone who needs it.  “For a country that leads the world in oil and gas production, having an entire region at the mercy of cold weather in unacceptable. We desperately need to modernize this region’s infrastructure,” Gerard says.

The Natural Gas Council (NGC) recently is encouraging Trump to continue to advocate for interstate gas transportation systems. NGC leaders say because natural gas pipelines are financed through private capital, companies and are more than willing to invest billions in infrastructure to meet demand. They believe If the U.S. government moves forward with effective permitting reforms, rolling blackouts won’t be needed.  Increased pipeline construction projects will also meet another goal of the president’s; creating more work force development programs and vocational training.

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