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The Questions

Are you currently enduring media scrutiny due to an allegation or attack by an outside entity? Are you at risk? Take a moment to see if you are vulnerable to reputation damage online and on-air.

Wondering if Positive Media Perceptions is Right for You?

If you have questions, Positive Media Perceptions has the answers you need. Please refer to our questions section below for more insight on how we help organizations like yours avoid the constant barrage of negative publicity! If you still have questions or need more information, contact with one of our crisis management experts today.

Is your current or projected company project in need of a crisis management strategy?

Take a moment to see if your company project is a potential target.

Why do I need an outside crisis PR firm when I already employ communication specialists in my company?

Every media strategy isn’t alike. Distribution of press releases and other forms of communication regarding product launches, marketing outreach and internal business developments are standard practice for an internal marketing team. However, communicating good news about the project is far less loaded with disaster implications than communicating about controversial topics related to allegations made about your business. These statements must be regarded as minefields as anything publicly communicated can be used later against the company in potential future litigation. Every word posted online, or put in a press release and distributed to the media, must be carefully strategized to meet each client’s overall purpose, message, and audience.

How do I know if I am going to need a crisis communications strategy for my new project anyway?

We offer a free vulnerability audit which offers companies a good indication as to whether they are susceptible to negative attention and media inquiry. Simply sign up for it and we will deliver the results to you free of charge, along with a report indicating who is visiting your site and which pages are most important to them.

My company has been in business for years and we have never been targeted by the media before- why should I waste money on a communications strategy if I don’t need to?

Congratulations! You have been lucky- do you really want to continue to hope for the best while not preparing for the worst? It is infinitesimally less expensive to pre-prepare a communications strategy for a crisis than to develop one under the glare of the cameras. It is simply a fact that the longer an organization waits to actively prepare, respond and advocate for their project in the public eye, the more time and money it requires.

What can an outside media strategy company do anyway? Aren’t the media just going to print the most salacious side, regardless of fact?

At Positive Media Perceptions we study media campaigns continuously, we also study carefully the techniques of the allegations that finally cripple targeted businesses and organizations. We take the time to anticipate, prepare, and strategize alliances within the community through local thought leaders and traditional and non-traditional media. We advocate for our clients in the language our audiences understand. Preparation is key. PMP never allows opponents to tell our clients’ story. We achieve this through saturated online media, grassroots community outreach, and constant communication via official channels and neutral third-party advocates eliminating the void of information opponents are all too ready to fill.

Positive Media Perceptions is your hedge against the inevitable challenge all high-profile companies will confront.
Contact one of our crisis management experts today.