Public Sentiment Can be Favorable for Pipeline Projects Companies Just Need the Right Approach

HOUSTON, TX – April 10, 2017 – Positive Media Perceptions (PMP) is a Houston-based company dedicated to helping pipeline companies protect themselves from project opposition groups. PMP controls public perception through community outreach, effective media communication plans, and online information dissemination. Ben Scardello and Miranda Sevcik formed PMP to tackle the lack of positive representation by pipeline companies in the media.

“After watching the devastating media assault on such projects as the Dakota Access Pipeline and the TransCanada project- based not on neutral research, but the fanatic opposition of protestors with their own agendas, we realized the pipeline industry needs a strategic advocate,” says Ben Scardello, co-director of PMP.

“Our approach to helping pipeline companies is to tell their story in a way that makes it easy for the media to tell their story. Our preparation includes preparing a company for the PR pitfalls of their particular project based on community and industry research,” says Miranda Sevcik, co-director of PMP. “A thorough understanding of risk factors, strong community outreach and dynamic, consistent messaging through online and mass media channels, helps a company reach project goals.”

About Positive Media Perceptions: Ben Scardello has over 40 years of working with clients in corporate communications, business development, marketing and advertising, and digital technology, most recently through his online marketing company, Convergent1. Miranda Sevcik began her career working as an investigative reporter and anchor for NBC news. Her litigation communications firm, Media Masters, manages media strategy for some of the nation’s most high-profile cases. Her many successful cases have included the Maersk Alabama lawsuit filed by a crewmember kidnapped by pirates, the lawsuit against the NFL by former players with brain injuries from concussions, and University of Texas Board of Regents lawsuit against the Texas A&M “Saw ‘em Off” logo.


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