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Pre-Crises Management

You are in a war!  The best defense is a strong offense, and that is what we offer. We will prepare a powerful and persuasive offense to “turn the tide” in your favor.  What does it cost, or what would it cost without it?  We can answer this question, just ask us.

Your advocate for Pre-Crisis Strategic Planning in your industry.

Positive Perceptions is a Houston-based company dedicated to helping organizations and businesses protect themselves from media attack. PP controls public perception through community outreach, effective media communication plans, and online information dissemination.

We do this through our proprietary approach to understanding, not just the scope of the crisis, but the mindset of the opposition and the targeted audience. By understanding the community and its influencers thoroughly, we can build an outreach campaign geared towards successful collaboration instead of antagonistic opposition.

Is your current or projected company project in need of a crisis management strategy?

Take a moment to see if your industry business is a potential target.

Crisis Management Expertise

Because we specialize in crisis media management, we’ll use the latest and most sophisticated digital technologies to help control a more accurate narrative.  Highly focused websites, social media, web traffic analytics, video, and traditional press releases will be used along with our years of media associations, understanding, and communications expertise.

Our unique strategies are built around understanding the following elements.

Brand Purpose:

  • Branding vision: Identify Critical Success Factors
  • Develop a measurement system in time/project stages to determine the effectiveness of the campaign and need to modify.

Brand Message:

  • Understand and agree on company restrictions.
  • Understand and agree on legal restrictions.
  • Conduct a vulnerability audit for the general public, within the industry, and within the company.

Understand Audiences/Community Outreach:

  • Set up drip marketing campaign
  • Develop a comprehensive media list for continuous outreach

Positive Media Perceptions is your hedge against the inevitable challenge all high-profile companies will confront.
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